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You’ve wasted enough time wrestling with commercial airline schedules; ticket, baggage, and boarding lines; and limited choice of destinations. You’re ready to move up to business jet travel, and fly safely, securely, and conveniently directly to more than five times the number of airports served by the airlines.

What Do You Need to Know?

Today, there are more than thirty models of new and used business jets and turboprops available, and more than a dozen ways to use them. Each aircraft is designed to fill a specific requirement. How do you tell which is best suited for your own travel needs?

We Can Help

Wolin Aviation Consulting will guide you through the myriad of options, to ensure that you select the safest, most cost-effective solution – whether your mission is weekly flights to remote plants and facilities, monthly intercontinental flights, occasional vacations, or some combination thereof.

We help you understand the advantages – and disadvantages – of:

  • Charter vs. Jet Cards vs. Leasing vs. Ownership
  • Whole Aircraft Operations vs. Fractional Ownership
  • Lease vs. Ownership
  • Independent aircraft operation vs. “pooled” management charter companies

And, we’ll perform a complete travel analysis, based upon: flight origins and destinations, passenger loads, stage lengths, flight frequencies, available airports, your budget, appetite for capital investment and tax situation, as well as your need for privacy, security, comfort and control.

In short, we’ll help you harness the best option for business jet travel for your individual requirements – every trip, every time.

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