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Our Philosophy

Every member of your company is in the marketing department, with an opportunity to enhance your relationships with customers and prospects. Wolin Aviation Consulting programs are designed to harness your energy, enthusiasm, and desire for success and bring them to your marketing and branding programs. Whether your goal is to create new revenue opportunities, enhance current marketing activities, or leverage your current product and service lines, we can help.

We Can Help You

Branding is more than designing a snazzy logo and signage, and creating a corporate identity. Your brand reflects your company's mission and values. It shows how your employees interface with all your stakeholders: clients, government regulatory agencies, vendors, the community at large, and with one another. Wolin Aviation Consulting helps ensure that your company's visible images project your corporate culture, so there is complete alignment among what is said, what is pictured, and the delivery of your products or services.

Client relations and customer service start with the very first contact between your employees and the prospect. Whether in face-to-face conversation, letters and newsletters, or follow-up phone calls, with our help you will deliver communications that consistently reflect your commitment to superior service. We can:

  • Design or re-design customer service processes and procedures to ensure that you deliver the highest-quality level of service.
  • Develop key customer marketing communications programs.
  • Secure appropriate editorial coverage, via our long-established contacts with key aviation and business print publications as well as online-only news channels.
  • Solidify client relationships and encourage client referrals. We can help develop rewards/recognition and customer loyalty programs, as well as pricing advantages to ensure that you not only keep key customers, but encourage them to "spread the word."
  • Troubleshoot and problem-solve with challenging clients.


Making connections is what we do best. Whether fostering profitable collaborations between and among aviation companies with complementary missions, strengthening relationships between our clients and the media who are eager for their news, or creating partnerships between companies and worthy charitable organizations, Wolin Aviation Consulting can help you leverage your company's resources to make the most of available opportunities.

Marketing Communications

From program and marketing planning, to new product introduction, event planning, website content and press releases, Wolin Aviation Consulting helps business aviation service providers build their businesses profitably. We can help you make the best use of your marketing budget by:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Building client base and retention rates
  • Improving customer service for FBOs, aircraft resale/brokers, management charter companies, and maintenance service providers.

We know that companies don't buy products and services – people do. And buying decisions for corporate aviation products and services can be made – and influenced – by a wide variety of people: executives, directors, and managers, as well as consultants, colleagues and friends.

The technical message required to communicate to the aviation professional in the cockpit or shop is very different from the one targeting the executive or high-net-worth individuals riding in the back. Effective marketing of your products or services requires not only recognizing the differences in the decision-making criteria and process, but also crafting the right message – and communications channels – to reach each target market.

Wolin Aviation Consulting provides the knowledge and expertise to create and tailor your marketing program to reach your target decision-makers, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Program Evaluation and Design

What is working in your company's marketing program and what is not? Are the assumptions that you make about your target markets and the methods you are using to reach them correct? Is your program as effective as it could be? Good evaluation starts with your company's mission, and is built into your marketing plan. Let us help you define your specific goals and objectives – as well as the strategies, budget, and other resources needed to reach them – that will get you the results you want.

Wolin Aviation Consulting will analyze your current and prospective market segments to determine the best way to reach your target market.

Placing our 40+ years' successful experience at your disposal, we provide the market knowledge you need to construct the message required to reach and influence your target market/audience, using the most appropriate channels:

  • Brochures and collateral materials
  • Digital marketing: website development, search engine optimization, social media, e-commerce, and email newsletters
  • Direct Marketing: database-driven direct mail
  • Video and other electronic media development
  • Webinars and online presentations

Whether your target is the cockpit, the shop, or the executive suite, Wolin Aviation Consulting will help you reach your target market – in the air and on the ground.

Public Relations

Public Relations is much more than just the occasional press release. Wolin Aviation Consulting will identify opportunities, craft your message, and gather supporting data to raise your visibility, reinforce your brand, and communicate your values to clients, employees, prospects, vendors, the industry, and your community. We help with:

  • Byline articles and white papers for the trade and business press, events, blogs, and speaking engagements.
  • Trade association relations, enabling you to leverage your membership to raise your visibility and expand your brand as an active member of our industry.
  • Government relations, strengthening your ties to your senator and congressional representatives to ensure that you have a voice in local and national issues.
  • Community involvement, raising your visibility and energizing your employees by reviewing and recommending charitable participation tailored to your – and their – concerns and passions.

Long-Range Marketing Planning

The speed of change in today's world continues to accelerate. From navigating with paper maps and charts to using Electronic Flight Bags and iPads, from flying non-stop coast-to-coast to flying non-stop New York to Beijing, business aviation today is growing and evolving in ways never before thought possible.

Where once the cabin was an island of executive respite, it is now a 24/7 extension of the ground-based office, in constant voice and email communications with key decision-makers the world over.

And aviation managers, once drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of former military pilots, now have backgrounds as diverse as aircraft owners.

Wolin Aviation Consulting can design, develop, help implement, and monitor your long-range marketing strategies, to ensure your marketing budget is effectively invested to reach your customers and prospects.

Strategic Planning

Working with your management team and other stakeholders, we can help you review and articulate your company's mission, goals, and objectives, as well as help define and develop the marketing and sales strategies and resources needed to meet those objectives. Your company will run more efficiently and effectively when your programs, policies, and products are aligned with and driven by your mission.

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